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Mar 14


Feb 26

Six words

I haven’t really written much in a while, so I decided to try out some six word stories to get my brain thinking outside of work. I think most of them turned into 6 word sentences.

Overheard your desperation through my backseat.
He died as she drank forever.
Memories are forgotten, debt is forever.
Blank stares where silence is golden.
Sound stops when mouths are closed.
Misery follows those who welcome her. 

Yep. Sentences or fragments. Oh well.

Feb 05

Destroyer of Backlogs

Okay, so maybe not a destroyer, but I have a plan. I’m planning out what should be the next game to complete and remove from my backlog. I’m making those that I’m stuck on a priority while side quests in Skyrim will probably remain temporarily undone and I won’t be playing Tropico 3 any time soon. This is what I’ve got so far:

Saints Row: The Third
Kingdoms of Amalur (deleting that damn save)

I won’t start a new game up until one of these have been completed (except if I’m reviewing something). I have to get this backlog on lockdown. My health hasn’t been as great as it should be, but I’m hoping I’ll be getting somewhat better pretty soon and my plan will be set in motion. To the Excel spreadsheet of backlog!! Actually, I’m still working on that.

In the meantime, I’ve watched more horror and non-horror movies, and I’ll probably work on a mini review on another 2. I’m hoping that writing those out will help with the block I’ve got at the moment.

I know I haven’t really written much to be followed for, but thanks for reading what I’ve posted. :)

Jan 16


I kinda sorta punked out and played the last few chapters of The Last of Us on easy.

I am ashamed (not really).

As I angrily made my way through tunnels, houses, and sometimes bathrooms, I realized that I still haven’t gotten over my button-mashing habit. Clickers? No problem, button-mash. Bloaters? Why not? ButtonbuttonSquareTriangle!! AHH! I don’t need your controls, I’m a button-mashing machine! …sorry. I loved and hated this game with a passion. It frustrated me with what felt like endless enemies and inconceivable puzzles. However, I loved it all.

So, now what? Well, I’m going to write up all of my backlog and continue to knock those bastards out. I think it’s time to get on this.

I haven’t decided to keep going with the mini horror movie reviews. Eh.

Jan 04

I have no idea what the hell is going on with my brain, but these nightmares are getting more intense. I usually write about them, but I haven’t really written much lately so I’m thinking my ideas are combining together to threaten me to write.

I would’ve been okay with a mental sticky note, but no, I get buried alive in a dirt floor basement. Thanks, brain.

Dec 27

Mini Reviews below

Small Update: I’m waiting on getting the Season 2 of the Walking Dead, because I’m broke and don’t think I can handle making any crazy decisions like I did in the 1st season just yet. It’s been a year and I still can’t believe what happened in Episode 3. Even though, it wasn’t a decision I made so I got over it. Then, there was an achievement in 400 days for the part I’m referencing and brought it all back. Damn it, Lilly! Why?! Ugh. I don’t even….anyways, yeah season 2.

I’ve decided to try and post a couple of mini reviews for certain horror movies I’ve seen recently. I watch too many movies to begin with, I usually stick to horror but end up watching a lot of documentaries too. Let me know what you think.

After the Dawn: Yes, it’s a zombie movie but the fight to survive an apocalypse is not only a physical one but mental as well. You follow a survivor (Cassie) as she journeys through towns, country sides, and major cities. She thinks she’s alone until she finds a boy who looks to have survived the waves of dead people in one of the houses she’s searching. The overall story is interesting and you get to learn about Cassie through her flashbacks. I wasn’t too happy with the way it ended, but it definitely was a different way to take this story. Overall, I’d suggest checking it out while it’s free. May contain: some angry zombies, violence, and gas masks.


Homecoming: A Mischa Barton horror movie where she portrays an extremely obsessed ex-girlfriend (Shelby) waiting on her ex, the star football player (Mike), to come back to retire his jersey. But he’s not alone, the new girlfriend (Elizabeth) comes along to meet his parents and friends. Shelby is visibly upset but plays nice with the new gf while in front of her ex. Things spiral out of control right after. I was surprised with the way this one turned out and didn’t think Shelby could be any crazier or scarier. The story gets a bit slow for a while and builds up to a sort of “oh, I figured that would happen” moment. If you want crazy and obsessed, check this out but be willing to fast forward through some spots. May contain: psycho exes, nuts, and a side of Misery.

These are currently available to watch for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Nov 30

Alright, I’m going to finish up a game from my backlog, damn it. I’ve been procrastinating for way too long. I’ll be working on The Last of Us starting next week. Today, I’m playing Project Zomboid then Borderlands right after then the Kinect rematch with Brett will begin. 

I’ve had a few days away from everything, and caught up on some rest and sleep. Now I gotta start on this damn backlog. I got Outlast for an early bday gift from Brett, thank you :) for adding another game to my backlog lol

I haven’t felt like myself, so I think it’s time for me to get back on track with gaming.

Nov 22

So I made an 8 bit pic of myself as you can possibly see from my avatar. Then I made Brett one. And I nearly started on another one.

Please. Someone stop me. 

On the bright side, I finished a game from my backlog. WOOO! 

Nov 19

Teaser: New to games? Guide -

Please check this out:


After seeing comiXology’s “New to comics?” page yesterday I thought it would be really cool to have something like that for games. And then a bunch of my friends also thought it would be really cool! So I guess we’re doing this now.

Send us an email at if you’re interested in joining the discussion and helping shape the project. Even if you’re not into games, we’re specially curious why not. (Because we’re making this thing for you!)

Nov 11

They’re having a vidya gamez social at work on Thursday where they’re encouraging us not to work and wear t-shirts/jeans. o_O Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, there’s going to be a cosplay contest and a gaming t-shirt contest.

You know what that means. I get to strut around with my new Minecraft shirt on Thursday ^_^ woot!