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Oct 13

Mini Movie Review

I guess you can call me a regular zombie movie watcher, regardless of the season. I love horror movies, and the zombie uprising has always captured my imagination along with my free time. Here you have a particular enemy that seems to be “unkillable” because they’re already dead. How would you be able to dispatch them? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is “already dead, shoot in head”. But we aren’t all the markspeople we think we are, so we are left with the clumsiness of a living shooter and insatiable appetite of the intended deadhead target. 

The Returned (2013)


However, The Returned was more than that. You’re given an inside look as to what it is to be on the border of land of the living and understand the fear of not being one or the other. With the plague overwhelming cities, society (with assistance of the military) was able to “contain” the virus and bring back those who weren’t too close to turning into a mindless zombie by becoming the Returned.

Kate is a doctor working in a ward that specializes in assisting those who have “returned”. Isolated from the rest of the hospital, these patients are treated with a medication that requires a daily dose and is growing scarce. A cure seems unlikely, especially with the ongoing fear of a potential recurrence of the plague from before. This whole fear hits close to home for Kate, since her husband, Alex is one of the the returned. The fear of the plague causes more vigilante type raids of hospital wards and destruction of the medication that keeps the returned “human”. This causes the Returned to hide and hope for a cure or that the remaining medication will be enough to stay alive. 

Overall, it’s a great movie to watch with some slow parts here and there, but it gives you a great story and something different than just a regular shoot ‘em up zombie movie. It leaves you thinking and wondering about what many people blurt out in other zombie movies. Hell, even Barbara said it in Night of the Living Dead (1990), “They’re us. We’re them and they’re us.”

Oct 08

Extra Life 2014

Well after the past few weeks of just utter crap, I get to finally play many games in a few weeks. I’m participating in this year’s Extra Life and attempting to raise $150 for the Children’s Network. The hospital I’m playing for is the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. 

Want to more about Extra Life:

My fundraising page:

Join me on Twitch:

I’ll be streaming from Friday, Oct 24 at 8pm CST to Saturday, Oct 25 for as long as I can stay up past 8pm CST. 

I’m planning on playing:

Possibles: CS:GO, CS:S, Torchlight II, Tropico 3

If you have any suggestions of any games, please let me know. I haven’t bought many in the past year so I can try to play a few new ones. I promise not to marathon just through one game, like I did last year.

Please take the time to check out Extra Life, donate some money/time or spend some time on my stream. Or don’t. And be a dork. Yeah. I said it, and what?

Thanks for reading!

Sep 04

The Rising: Full Circle on Feedbooks for Free -

Hi! I’ve finished my (possibly last) zombie ebook, The Rising: Full Circle. After two years of planning and finally writing this, it’s done and I’m going to sleep now :)

Aug 31


Before I start with what I’ve just completed, please take the time to visit my fundraising page for Extra Life here.

After working on this for about 2 years, my (possibly final) zombie ebook is complete and is currently in the preliminary stage of edits. I haven’t decided of where I want to upload it to. I think I’m going to keep it free because it’s not enough for a price. Good or bad. 

I’ve included most of the first chapter below. Any thoughts or comments? Leave them in my inbox. 

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Aug 29

What I think most shows do with their story lines

Disclaimer: I’m not a great writer or even mediocre, but this is my opinion of what I think happens.

Int. Conference Room - Afternoon
Sign taped outside of the closed door reads: “S2:E2 Brainstorming Part II”

Writer 1: “Okay, so who’s turn is it to spin the wheel of plot twists and turns?”
Writer 2: “You mean the M. Night Shyamalan wheel?”
Writer 3: “Ooo what a twist!”
Writer 5, 6 & 7 roll their eyes.
Writer 1 & Writer 2: “Shut up, Erin.”

Aug 25

Extra Life | Play Games. Heal Kids. -

Hi guys, I’m participating in this year’s Extra Life event in October. Please check out my fundraising page and donate. All donations go to the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

Aug 17

Quirky quirk

A week of not being able to talk to anyone has really annoyed me. I mean this in the physical sense, I can type and email but my voice was just gone. The weird thing is, I hate talking. I love listening to people talk about their day but I feel like I’m putting people off by telling them about my day. I guess that’s just one of my weird quirks. 

I thought I nearly lost my drive again when a “disk read error occurred.” Luckily, it booted up normally on the next restart and I was able to run chkdsk. I’m still backing up to an external just in case. I still have to work on recovering the rest of my dead hard drive.

Well, I’m still slacking on my Extra Life participation and haven’t harassed many people as I should be. So if you can, go to my fundraising page: 

Actually, writing this story has taken a lot of my time. I’ve spent the past week or so writing my possibly last zombie ebook. I’m thinking it might be my last ebook altogether. I can’t handle having this story in my brain as it slowly leaks out on paper one day at a time. It’s been consuming my down time. I’m currently on chapter 9, but I’m not sure how I feel about the direction that it’s going. Bleh, I wish I was a better writer. I guess I’ll stop rambling. I might put up a chapter on here in the next few days. I’m hoping to be done by the end of this month.

Aug 04


Well, I made the move a few weeks ago and have been going back and forth between cities. It’s been great so far, minus the traffic and the way people drive here. The drive back and forth has been draining but we’re one step closer and two steps back with selling our house. It feels as if I’ll never be able to sell it.

I’m slowly getting back into writing and hopefully, I’ll be posting more on here. I’m also getting my Twitch stream up soon so that should be ready in time for Extra Life this October. I had been thinking about breaking up the hours for that between Friday and Saturday, plus some hours on Sunday, but we’ll see how that goes on the day of. 

I’ve been slacking off recently, but here’s the link to my fundraising page: 

Alright, enough procrastinating on my part, I’m ready to start gaming once again. Thanks for your continued reading and following :)

May 25

I’ve had a few weeks of interesting things happening. Okay, I lied, I’ve had one major thing happen to me. I may have the opportunity to move 3 hours away to Houston for a new job.

I’m completely terrified.

I’ll be leaving behind everything I’m comfortable with: my family, friends, home, neighborhood, and commute. I’ve had a lot of opposition to this from one person alone, my mom. She hates that I’m leaving so she’s already thinking I’ll fail over there. My future husband thinks I’ll succeed but it just hurts that my mom isn’t on my side for once. I guess I’ll have to prove her wrong if I get this job. Each time I talk to her, I present my side of things and it’s never good enough. However, her words have been working like reverse psychology and just makes me more inclined to accept the position if offered.

I’m stubborn, and when it comes to things that I want to do, I just accept the possible consequences and I’ll do it. I bought this house (big fail) but I did it, and I’m literally paying for it now. I went back to school and finished another degree (if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity come up in the first place). I have to own up to my failures all the time, but this will be 3 hours away where I’ll be alone for 6 months.

My final interview is this week, and I’m completely terrified and excited at the same time. I’m missing a big chunk of my support system, but I’ll be damned that I’ll prove her right.

May 17

More Six Words

I woke up and felt the need to write these out. They’re probably just sentences rather than stories but they help with getting me to write.

It’s our anniversary of your death.

A kiss so cold, death followed.

"It moved me," he said, coldly.

Misery loves an audience of one.

"The pain is bearable," she grimaced.